Which new applications for eComStation do you need? Какие новые программы для eComStation вам нужны ?
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Postby PAL » Tue Jun 24, 2008 00:44

We need a replacement for PMFax. You can't buy a new version and the existing version needs a refresh.

Is there anything which can be used instead of PMFax. I'm now looking at Windowsfax programs because I can't buyPMFax and as some of our sites only have a server it means replacingOS/2 or eCS with Windows PCs.

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Re: PMFax

Postby warpcafe » Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:33


some time ago I posted a poll at OS2world to check if people have the need for a "contemporary" fax solution, perhaps even supporting server-based faxing. The feedback was... well, little. My idea for Fax on OS/2 was to use Harald Pollacks fax solution () and wrap it with some intelligent config-presets and GUI components.
and also

In my mind, the fax program by Harald Pollack is VERY powerful... it just needs to become more "end-user" friendly and not like a lab project for scientific examination... ;)


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