eSchemes evolving too slowly

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eSchemes evolving too slowly

Postby cris » Thu Oct 22, 2009 15:57

Hi Eugene, hi all!
I want to express my gratitude for the eSchemes software, that is reaching a quite stable status.
However, I am quite disappointed by the fact that development has been painfully slow. eCS badly needs a new face, and eSchemes could be the default scheming engine, but it is still lacking a lot of pieces.

Let me explain:

- Work on the icons is too slow, a lot of icons are still the default ones
- Third-party icons should be encouraged, but designing icons for eSchemes is still too much work. Look at the competing product WPSWizard: it uses Cairo so that you can show icons by superimposing two or more bitmaps with transparency. This makes it easy to draw - for example - application folders by taking a standard folder and superimposing the application's icon. And if you ever change the basic folder look, application folders are automatically upgraded.
- Scroll bars, borders, and other controls are still not customized after years of development
- It is nice to be able to use third-party schemes, but it is still too difficult to develop my own customized scheme. If - for example - I want to change the buttons look, or the titlebar look, there no easy way. By comparison, it was much more easy with eStyler, even if more limited.

So push development! :-)
Use the cash from eSchemes Deluxe and other shareware to enhance eSchemes... it may seem stupid, but a fresh look will greatly enhance the chances that new users come to eComstation.

Just my two cents...


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Re: eSchemes evolving too slowly

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Thu Oct 22, 2009 16:14

thank you for the message,

* yes, we are investing into the developer of eSchemes. Waiting for new build now.
* yes, Sunny icons is slow too

Please wait 2 weeks - we are going update all this products.

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