Perfect eComStation -- FTP client for every user

Discussion of future versions / Обсуждение будущих версий системы
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Perfect eComStation -- FTP client for every user

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Tue Jul 14, 2009 15:29

From: Jan-Erik Larka

Date: 2009/07

FTP (SSL/TCL etc.)

Message 1:

how far fetched is it to get ones hand on the soruce code for the system functions for ftp? (is it ftpapi.dll that does all the work for FTP-PM and ftpwps-class?)

FileZilla can handle large files, but rely on puTTY to do all the secure ftp stuff. It would be nice if one could add that and get secure and fast ftp access built in to the system.

Message 2:

Yes, it would be nice to have an updated version of FTP, perhaps even a better GUI. The problem is that I still want things to be intergrated into the system and available to all system applications that use the FTP protocol, so it shouldn't be a closed source standalone application. That is a strong belief and therefore not something I can agree to set aside.

I looked at the sorucecode for puTTY as it's available, and could see that even I could try to write something. But the question I'm looking at is wether one can do something more applications want/can benefit from.

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