Perfect eComStation -- improve 5 projects

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Perfect eComStation -- improve 5 projects

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Sun Jul 05, 2009 17:02

From: Neil Waldhauer,
Date: 2009/07/05

* Primary importance: ACPI. Yet as I build system after system, I deliver non-performing or under-performing ACPI. Debug logs apparently aren't making enough difference. One or more apps that display each phase of ACPI to expose the failures would be very appreciated. Fixes would be good, too, but I understand this is difficult.

* Legacy ports. Users want old parallel and serial ports to support their old peripherals. Simple control panel for serial ports and parallel ports.

* Video support. SNAP, Panorama and GRADD all support latest graphics cards. But not in all modes. Users want simple graphical configuration. They don't want to know that they are patching the BIOS, they just want to select the resolution and reboot. If it doesn't work, they want to revert easily (yes I know there is no screen -- it should happen automatically on next boot unless user stops it.)

* Audio support. Users want to have audio, yet UniAud support is not completely working. A display of anything available -- configuration, current levels for all unimix settings, perhaps also whatever it takes to reconfigure MMOS2 such that end-user can configure his sound. Many new systems require a small batch script to set master volume to a non-zero level after boot. Make this visible and possible.

* Mouse support. Many end users report that their mouse does not work. They have to use new mouse from the store, but want their old mouse to work. Most new computers no longer have PS/2 ports, or PS/2 function is no longer reliable. The mouse is interrupt-driven, can this also be displayed using ACPI functions? Amouse control panel has many settings, but why is mouse stopping all the time?

Just some ideas based on recent user feedback.

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