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Perfect eComStation -- eComStation Server CD2

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 20:35
by Eugene Gorbunoff
Lewis G Rosenthal, 2008/12/19

It would be nice to package this with pre-built installs for OAMP and perhaps Postgres and links to download Peter Moylan's FTP Server and Weasel. OS/2 does make for a good web server platform. SSH should also be included, as well as, of course, SAMBA. Once we get an updated JVM, even Tomcat should work well for us. About the only thing missing is good multi-user shell support, but I get very few requests for those services on my box these days.

I have another client running eCS 1.1 with the above configuration on an older Proliant 1200 (mine runs on an ML370 G3, and for the most part, sings - loudly) with - of all things - Hethmon's Inet.Mail 1.3, and he's extremely pleased with it (it gets restarted about as often as his NetWare 6.5 server, and the last time I checked uptime on that, we were at around 270 days).

I would suggest that once 2.0 is GA, a few of us gather our thoughts together on how best to package a server offering (at least no audio is required, and video is also a secondary concern!!) and pick up on it from there.

Just some random thoughts.