Perfect eComStation - How to install applications?

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Perfect eComStation - How to install applications?

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Mon Jul 28, 2008 17:53

From: eCo Software
Date: 20080728

How to install an application?

1) I installed large/medium application to PC1, HDD1. Then move HDD1 to PC2. The application should work in other PC2? Or it should refuse to start?

let's compare, should work <> refuse
* + should work - user is happy
* - Other version of eCS on PC2, other versions of runtimes => the application may work not properly

2) Is it necessary inform the OS if you have installed an application? WarpIN informs the OS.
* + if inform then you can de-install the application using WarpIN. good.
* - if don't inform, then you can fail to remove

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