Perfect eComStation - Multimedia standartization

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Perfect eComStation - Multimedia standartization

Postby Qetzlcoatl » Fri Jun 27, 2008 06:39

I suggest to select a list of modern multimedia technologies/formats and set them as The Standard for nextgen eCS.
That mean that:
    they will work out-of-the-box in eCS
    all multimedia apps will set them as default formats for content creation
    all internal multimedia content in eCS will come in that formats
    all eCS sites and marketing materials will be converted into that formats as much as possible
I prefer patent free technologies but in the same way I like standards. So, I suggest:
    PNG - for lossless graphics (to replace GIF and BMP)
    MNG or APNG - for animated graphics (to replace animated GIF; it looks like APNG supported in FF3 and Opera 9.5 by default)
    JPEG2000 - for highly compressed graphics (to replace JPEG; HD Photo is newer but MS-developed and still not free)
    SVG - for vector graphics (can we replace BMP-based ICO for icons? does MET need to be replaced?)
    OGG - for universal A/V container (to replace AVI)
    Vorbis - for highly compressed audio (to replace MP3 and/or WAV; or we need AAC as eCS standard?)
    ??? - for lossless audio (do we need it? Monkey may be?)
    Theora - for video (to replace nightmare; or we need DivX as a standard? or H.264?)
I don't know about MIDI. Does it needed? Does something more modern exist?
What about sampled audio? It was extremely popular in Amiga-days and still exist and, I guess, still developed.
I'm sure that I missed something... :)

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