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Perfect eComStation - Bluetooth support

Posted: Sat May 03, 2008 13:41
by Eugene Gorbunoff
From: eCo Software
Date: 2008/05/03

eComStation users need the support of Bluetooth.
There are many variants.
Simple porting.

Re: Perfect eComStation - Bluetooth support

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 00:17
by Andy P.
This sounds good.
I have already spend some thoughts about an easy-to-build, easy-to-use solution. If we devide this in some pieces, we can use little steps to reach this goal.
First, we need drivers for the Bluetooth-hardware. Most BT-hardware are built by USB-devices, some as serial attached devices (mostly older hardware or PCcard/ compactFlash-Hardware). We should concentrate on USB-Devices - even BT-hardware thats build in laptops is accessed by USB (Thinkpads etc). An USB-driver for the HCI-interface, that doesn't distinguish between the different USB-Vendor or Model-numbers ist what we need first. Most BT-USB-Dongles outthere are based on CSR-chips Bluecore 2-5 or at ISSC-chips.
We need also a ported bluez-stack ( So we can use an established and testet BT-stack.
We also need dummy-drivers to projecting our BT-device and its BT-profiles in the legacy hardware. Such as Com-ports, LAN-ports, audioports.
on top of this, we need a simple GUI to manage our BT-devices, the BT-Profiles, the BT-connections with PINs ... something like USBcfg ..
I think, thats the fasted and easiest way to an Bluetooth-solution.
And with it completed, we have access to hardware like keyboards, mices, sound In/ouput, LAN-connections, Modems, mobile phones, serial ports, printers, ... sounds like a huge blast for the hardware compatibility list.
Unfortunately, my programming skills are near zero, my last program was written in Clipper (an dbase3+compiler). But I can help with BT-Hardware.
Maybe we should open a bounty?

Andy P.

Re: Perfect eComStation - Bluetooth support

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 13:41
by limberly
How does a bluetooth work and how do it get transmitted to the telecom? I have been trying to find out how does bluetooth work. But it was a fiasco for me. Please help. Thank you.
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Re: Perfect eComStation - Bluetooth support

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2009 01:13
by Andy P.
Let me try to explain it very simple. If you see too much differences between my simple model and a real BT-System, ask me.
Think of Bluetooth as a substitute for a cable connection. You can connect two computers via a cross-connected serial cable on his COM-ports. You can connect your mobile Phone via an similar cable to your computer or your digital out to your Stereo...
But first, you have to connect the two BT-devices you want work together. This works almost like the connection between a cordless phone and it's basestationin the DECt-Standard.
Bluetooth uses so-called BT-profiles to distinguish between the different kind of data. Most BT-Devices can have many of this profiles.
A modern BT-enabled mobile phone can do a simple audio connection to a microfon+earpiece-Device called Bluetooth Headset. There is another profile that can transfer CD-Audio via BT to a music-headset. and you can connect a Bt enabled hands-free-system in your car with the simple audio connection. Additionally, you can transfer data like dialing number to or from the phone. There are much more BT profile a computer can use.
The difference is marginal. All this is controlled by the so-called bluetooth-stack - a collection of subroutines, that sends datastreams (like digital audio) viathe bluetooth-hardware. It also cares about open, close and administration of connections.
This piece of software is already written in open scource for Linux in the Bluez-project. We can use this, if we
a) can make a data path from bluez to an BT-device like the common-known bluetooth-USB-dongle
b) can establish virtual legacy devices connected to bluez like a virtual LPT-port or a virtual soundcard
The good thing: a standard has grown over the last years: HCI. And most BT-USB-Dongles are speaking this protocol so similar, that one implementation can access most BT-USB-devices. So with one porting, we can use this as a reliable connection to phones, PDAs, Serial devices, printers, modems, stereo systems a.s.o. that will be actual for years.
Andy P.