Perfect eComStation -- No verbose boot

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Perfect eComStation -- No verbose boot

Postby martini » Mon Feb 25, 2008 02:07

I will like to have the option that eCS boot with a complete no verbose mode. No copyright information, no sucessufully audio/network drivers loaded, no snap publicity.

I will like to have the eComStation box at the top, them it switch to the boot logo and later to the workplace shell.

uhm... if the "no verbose mode boot" is possible them a option to press "Esc" and show me all the boot info will be desirable too :D

David McKenna
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Postby David McKenna » Mon Feb 25, 2008 19:20

I second this motion! It seems trivial, but when I try to show eCS to people not familiar with it the #1 reason they dislike it is when they see it booting, they say 'It looks like DOS' and don't even look past the boot! It drives me crazy....

A cool animation at boot would be an attention getter too - maybe a wireframe e-ball that slowly gets covered while everything loads....

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Postby martini » Mon Feb 25, 2008 20:29

Also, the basic idea behind this is.. if you already tune up your eComStation to run on your PC and the conf is according to what you like, why do you want to see all that verbose stuff when you boot everytime ?

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Re: Perfect eComStation -- No verbose boot

Postby jep » Tue Jun 24, 2008 13:54


have seen this too, would be most welcome to just see the boot logo and then get the desktop.

The checking of JFS drives aint plesant.

Would it be possible to supress output longer?

The other approach is to postpone loading of drivers until pmshell start to show the colored background, but that may cause problems that the drivers can't deal with, e.g. loading of multiple drivers and that the system assume that certain functions should be available etc.?! The biggest problem is perhaps that it hasn't been designed with that in mind?
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