ODBC for eComStation

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ODBC for eComStation

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Tue Mar 01, 2011 23:52

From: Jan-Erik Larka
Date: 2011/03/01

Message 1:

It's necessary include to eCS CD1:
A SOM based ODBC configuration utility (ODBC Admin) that use the newest UnixODBC-backend (They've split the GUI and the core in the latest release)

Message 2:


Message 3:

>-> odbc what is it? is it useful?

Yes, ODBC is important if you want to retrieve and add data from/to databases, wheter it's a web server, spread sheet, OOorg Base or an accounting application such as QNE. The version listed there is the one that is most current of unixODBC. WDSybil support it, rexxSQL can use it and OpenOffice.org can use it if you apply the patched file you have the link to on your site so that it can retrieve data from various databases. I use it to connect to my PostgreSQL databases (8.4.? and 9.0.3), while others use it with MySQL etc.

You mentioned the link you have to a special file that update unixODBC, that one should be distributed to everyone that use unixODBC.

That's the one I've asked Paul Smedley to update to acurrent version and I intend to write the mentioned SOM wps class for. Just wish Lorne Sunley would send us his sourcecode for the work he put into that version.

Regarding WDSybil, it's a developmetn tool that you can use to create software. You can see if the developer has used it as the software resemble OS/2 software, but the
notebook tabs have a slightly different coloring and look a bit different from the original. Example of software developed with WDSybil:
* TCPConfig, Excellent software to configure TCPIP and network (Packed with warpin, need a new developer)
* USBRes, the tool to find out about USB devices that has been attached to the computer. (Included with eCS)

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