DevCon bits: GpiCreateLogFont

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DevCon bits: GpiCreateLogFont

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:49

From: Peter Nielsen
Date: 2009/04

PMView + Panorama VESA

Message 1:

From the log I can see that the crash occurs in the IBM Open Class library. Obviously Panorama VESA changes the OS/2 behavior so that it is not compatible with the OCL code...

OS/2 returns error 0x2033 when calling GpiCreateLogFont.

This may not necessarily be an error, but the OCL code does not like it and throws an exception that kills PMView.

Message 2:

Ok, I found this notation in my code:

// GpiCreateLogFont sometimes fails "without reason" and a retry will succeed. Let's try three times until giving up...

PMView is currently only trying 3 times, and this used to work in the past. Maybe with todays faster machine even more retries are needed.

Nobody reported this problem, but I remember seeing it on my own SMP system.

The problem is clearly an OS/2 problem. There's nothing to do about it but to retry... Apparently a retry count of 10 would be better than 3...

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