How to create Labels and Business Cards using OOo 3.1.1

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How to create Labels and Business Cards using OOo 3.1.1

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Sat Jun 26, 2010 23:21

Version: OpenOffice 3.1.1
From: Pete
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How to create Labels and Business Cards using OpenOffice 3.1.1

I seem to have bumped into a strange problem with OO 3.1.1: I cannot create a Label or Business Card without OO 3.1.1 crashing.

I select File, New, Label (or Business Card) and OO 3.1.1 simply closes - no error messages, no soffice.log file generated in the OO programs directory, no entry in popuplog.os2.

The response from the eCS OO support team suggested using the QuickStart feature so I gave that a try. No Change in OO behaviour. I was also told "Please note that version 3.2 is upcoming that may resolve some problems too."

Nice to know that an OO update "is upcoming" but it does not solve the current Label/Business Card creation problem - and 3.2 may well have the same problem...

If anyone has any ideas on resolving the Label/Business Card problem I'm very interested :-)

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