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OpenOffice, FaxWorks, etc.
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Office apps/use

Postby troll » Sun Mar 01, 2009 01:51

Survival of OS"/eCs is usable and general apps as OpenOffice.
Proprietary apps just for eCs is not the way, OS is only a platform running usable apps.

Microsoft as dominant as they are - want proprietary apps and web, just for them.
Most file formats used in production is usable in different apps and have to be.

Why are PDF so popular, because file format is open.

Back to office apps.
What do we need to run eCs in a office environment.
Security - is there
-Web browser - is there
-E-mail client - is there
-Java up to date - to old, not complete
- Flash - to old
- Hardware- remarkably mostly functioning, very good if chosen with care.

-General office -Open Office - is there from 3.0, (3.0 is very good)
-Backup - not there, alternative NovaStor Backup, has an old backup app for OS2, might be interested.
-Simple text editor. with scripting functions, best there is - ScihTE, posible to compile - yes
-PDF reader,editor (not sufficient with Lucide - Lucide has possibilies but migth be a dead end, wrong use of personal recourses ) possible to compile - yes - Foxit Reader(fast, small- good) - might be
-Sql - is there, important for accounting, several accounting systems has chosen SqL, compilable - yes
-Picture reader, editor- is there
-OCR, not there - Abbyy - compilable - yes

Many other apps is in place, I'm not sure of 3D tec. drawing (cad).

-From the list I'll say it's close to be

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