OpenOffice Vs Lotus smartsuite

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OpenOffice Vs Lotus smartsuite

Postby troll » Sun Apr 13, 2008 14:09

This is might be because I've used Smartsuite over years, but Smartsuite is better than OpenOffice. As far as I know IBM is giving inn also Smartsuite. Any possibility or interest to develope Smartsuite further outside IBM?
Don't missunderstand me, OpenOffice is swell, but I think it's important to have access to two suites, also in the future.
Is it possible to make a filter that opens Smartsuite files in Open Office? Important if choosed not to continue with SmartSuite.

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Re: OpenOffice Vs Lotus smartsuite

Postby v2ueha6 » Fri Dec 18, 2009 16:59

I also agree that we need to have two office suites. Also Lotus notes uses all the aspects of lotus smartsuite. I also think we should update lotus domino server for os2 which is only as far as 5.0 version. windows version is at 8.0

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