what about the future ??

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what about the future ??

Postby martini » Thu Jun 07, 2007 05:45

The Evolutionary Spring roadmap looks very promising. But I always wonder what can happen in the future. I had seen good OS/2 development turn into abandoware, developer switching platforms and user criticizing the platform.

whatever effort to improve OS/2 or eComStation or to create applications under this platform, automatically brings up this question. What will ensure me that this plataform will stay on the future.

I found that one simple answer, but not easy to accomplish, is the open source software. By making OS/2-eCS software open source we can increase the probability that this software will keep on in the future. By making open source OS/2-eCS replacement components we can help to secure the future of the platform.

By the way, when I mean open source software, I don't mean just throwing the source code with the binaries. I mean putting an formal OSS license on it like GNU GPL, CPL, MPL, apache, etc..

We should have a formal open source strategy, and try to generate as much of open source software remplacements for closed OS/2-eCS components to get closer to the goal to have a more secure future.

I completely understand the developers that want to keep making close source software and charge a price for it, but currently I'm more worry about the future of the platform.

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