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ESWay::eComStation PC

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Fri May 25, 2007 15:15

eComStation PC:

mrklake posted comments:
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Hi Ed
I see four paths here: (1) do nothing - try to support eCS on a wide range of PCs, yet fail at a gradually increasing rate; (2) build eCS-branded systems with eCS pre-loaded (the "Apple model"); (3) sell an eCS-certified "kit" of NIC, SATA drive, USB memory, video card etc etc to approved eCS resellers; or (4) ditto "kit" but sell it to end-users, perhaps, via Mensys and/or the other eCS resellers.
Each path has strengths and weaknesses, that would be obvious to all who read this group.
However, in my opinion alone, the weakest of the four paths is the one we are currently on eg. the do-nothing option (1). If we do not focus driver development on one (or two) internationally available brands then we will soon have NO system eCS runs on, out of the box.
On the other hand (sigh) as a HOME user, I need to replace one of my PCs in the next 18 months, I would be fairly interested in an "eCS-certified" system. . . if it is in my price range.
I am useless with hardware (not so good with sw either ;-) so want to buy something ready to go (!). I kinda like the idea of those "Hush" system units; don't care much about the brand/speed of CPU (but would be annoyed if not all its cores were utilised by eCS), are fascinated by SAS and SATA hard drives, want a big USB memory stick that "just
works" with eCS and prefer SeaMonkey to FF/TB (on the KISS principle).
Also, GC Java 1.4.x should be a non-optional eCS 2.x component as it is GC (not innotek) that has bet the farm on our favorite OS. If the Golden Code guys are reading this; why not retrofit your native Java product with AES so that WASCE works without olympic efforts to tweak it (WASCE)? There was a thread on the OS2World Forums a little while back about this.
Just my two cents/thoughts for the day.

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