ALVM (LVM = Logical volume manager) for eComStation
Alan Beagley
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Postby Alan Beagley » Thu Aug 03, 2006 17:51

I have four SCSI hard disks attached to an Adaptec U160 adapter.

When I start your LVM program I get a window full of multicolored graphic characters, then

Physical Disk ( 1):
( error codes: 0, 0 )
The partition table on this disk may be corrupt


Physical Disk ( 2):
( error codes: 0, 0 )
The partition table on this disk may be corrupt

Neither the standard LVM nor LVMGUI complains about these drives at all.

Your LVM program does not show the real partition names for these drives either: in Physical View mode for Drive 1 it shows merely [C1} thru [C7], and only [C1] (Boot Manager) and [C2] ( Drive E: ) are shown as In Use, all the rest being shown as Available, where they are in fact Drives F:, G:, I:, J: and X:. In Logical View Drive E: is the only volume on Drive to 1 show up.

Physical View for Drive 2 shows a 7MB [ free space 1 ]. then [C8] thru [C11]. with only [C8] shown as In Use, while the others are shown as Available. All of these partitions are in fact named and are drives U:, M:, N: and V:, respectively.

The names and "In Use" status of the partitions on the other two drives are shown correctly. The partitions on the first two drives were created more recently, probably using LVMGUI or the Hard Disk Manager program.

Cosmetic problems:

When I TAB to the lower window, the reverse-video highlight bar remains in the upper one.

When I exit from the Help window, the bottom line of the display turns to multicolored graphic characters. Pressing ESC again restores the menu on the bottom line.

Finally, when I exit without saving changes, the screen is not cleared. I haven't dared to try making any changes.

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Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Thu Aug 03, 2006 18:28

OK. You report accepted.

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