For me eCS has become more and more useful

Почему я использую eComStation? Why I like eComStation?
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For me eCS has become more and more useful

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Tue Jul 28, 2009 04:12

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I guess users have quite different starting points. For me eCS has become more and more useful. I think the following years will be better as quite a lot of bugs have been taken care of the latest year.

We have Open Office, Thunderbird (though I know exchanged it for PMMail), Firefox and a coming updated flashplugin. There is plenty of plugins for Net drive, eg I'm using sftp to access documents on my work. I use PMView for viewing and "light- processing" pictures and GIMP via hoblinkx11 for more heavy work on images. I use Mercury (1.9.5) for MSN. We have Smplayer for nearly all kind of videos an eg PM123 for mp3:s oggs and so on. Paul Smedley has ported and developed uniaud also for HD sound and have made a lot of other ports - eg the Scribus port for desktop publishing which seem to work great. We've had a great time with genmac although this developement maybee is ending. A lift of the desktop is eschemes, in 1.50 quite stable, though I look forward to further developement. DVD toys is also a great utility for CD-dvd burning. Well - not to forget bootable JFS developed in the last years...and the ongoing ACPI-project. I can see a quite heavy lift and developement from lets say 5,6,7 years ago..and related to resources..... what could one expect? We all know the weaknesses and what we don't have - like accelerated graphics, latest java - and access to the latest hardware but we also know why.

So for my part I can use my eCS system for most of the things I have to do, and I am happy to have a responsive system in opposite to work in a Windows based one. So if you don't need extensive multimediasupport and access to the very latest hardware I say eCS is a great choice.

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