eComStation rulez!

Почему я использую eComStation? Why I like eComStation?
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eComStation rulez!

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Fri Mar 28, 2008 17:31

You can move a drive or graphics card from one computer to another with no re-configuration needed.

eComStation is simple, responsive, stays out of your way, and works. It's easy to maintain, it's easy to install, and it's very fast.

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Re: eComStation rulez!

Postby troll » Mon Mar 31, 2008 23:40

Yes :D
But misses some applications! : :evil: the train is passing, passengers not boarding has lost it!

I see accounting is a theme.
Up to 2005 I used DI-systemer Trondheim Norway and eCs in accounting. Last runtime of accuCobol for OS2 was 4.0 (1998)(Accucorp INC, San Diego, USA), Bite it, get runtime developement restarted - cooperate, it's not necessary to invent gun powder and then do it again.

Best backup I ever had was DualStor IBM - simple to use, fast, safe, small, did everything a backup program should. never seen something as it later. (works mostly in eCs) Will "do it" in eCs with a facelift on some of the DLLs)

Lucide, very good project, will become a exceptional file viewer. I use PDF actively because everyone can read it and everyone can fill a PDFform, I use FoxitReader(Foxit Software), small fast, does it all. For PDF port it to eCs.

Text editor, look at Scintilla, does it all and more, port it.

Anyhow OS2 is still the most stable, safe, effective OS and believe me, really low cost. I just use a computer to do a job for me, can't it be done in eCs I've to use something else and I don't like it.

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