Installer bug

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Installer bug

Postby david » Mon Mar 27, 2006 15:29

The eSchemes build dd 2006/03/24 on fails to install in CID mode. The following is the contents of the WarpIN install log:

### Loading archive...
### Retrieving information...
### Unpacking files...
Extracting package 1/12 (eCo Software\eObjects\eCoSoftware Lange Library\1\21)
to "C:\ecs\DLL"
C:\ecs\DLL\ecolange.dll (103,064 bytes)
Extracting package 2/12 (eCo Software\eObjects\Scheme Initialization Library\1\21)
to "C:\ecs\DLL"
C:\ecs\DLL\initsch.DLL (329,728 bytes)
Extracting package 3/12 (eCo Software\eObjects\eSchemes Resource Manager\1\21)
to "C:\ecs\DLL"
C:\ecs\DLL\ResMgr.DLL (77,824 bytes)
Extracting package 4/12 (eCo Software\eObjects\eStyler Runtime\1\21)
to "C:\ecs\DLL"
C:\ecs\DLL\estlrl11.dll (44,270 bytes)
Extracting package 5/12 (eCo Software\eObjects\eStyler NLS\1\21)
to "C:\ecs\DLL"
C:\ecs\DLL\ESTLRLRS.dll (18,793 bytes)
Extracting package 6/12 (eCo Software\eObjects\eSchemes National Languages Support\1\21)
to "C:\ecs\LANG"
C:\ecs\LANG\eschemes.msg (4,660 bytes)
C:\ecs\LANG\ (4,575 bytes)
Extracting package 7/12 (eCo Software\eObjects\Scheme Applier Helper\1\21)
to "C:\ecs\BIN"
C:\ecs\BIN\ApplyScheme.EXE (292,352 bytes)
Extracting package 8/12 (eCo Software\eObjects\Extended Object\1\21)
to "C:\ecs\DLL"
C:\ecs\DLL\wpobjex.dll (18,821 bytes)
Extracting package 9/12 (eCo Software\eObjects\Extended Folder\1\21)
to "C:\ecs\DLL"
C:\ecs\DLL\wpfldrex.dll (17,965 bytes)
Extracting package 10/12 (eCo Software\eObjects\Open Sibyl Class Library\1\21)
to "C:\ecs\DLL"
C:\ecs\DLL\oscl.dll (37,151 bytes)
Extracting package 11/12 (eCo Software\eObjects\eSchemes\1\21)
to "C:\ecs\DOC\eSchemes"
C:\ecs\DOC\eSchemes\wpscheme.dll (1,807,555 bytes)
Extracting package 12/12 (eCo Software\eObjects\eSchemes\1\21)
to "C:\ecs\DOC\eSchemes"
C:\ecs\DOC\eSchemes\readme.txt (1,297 bytes)
C:\ecs\DOC\eSchemes\whatsnew.txt (180 bytes)
C:\ecs\DOC\eSchemes\escfaq.txt (3,979 bytes)
C:\ecs\DOC\eSchemes\developers.txt (4,400 bytes)
C:\ecs\DOC\eSchemes\designers.txt (110 bytes)
C:\ecs\DOC\eSchemes\license.txt (7,073 bytes)
### Registering WPS classes...
WarpIN: Class Registering Error: The class "WPScheme" could not be registered. The following error was reported:
"SYS0002: The system cannot find the file specified."
### Creating WPS objects...
WarpIN: Error: The Workplace Shell object titled "Standard" could not be created.
Object class: "WPScheme"
Object location: "<WP_SCHPAL05>"
Object setup string: "OBJECTID=<SCHEME3>;"

Terminating, rc = 0x1604 (5636).

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