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David McKenna
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eSchemes 1.48

Postby David McKenna » Sun Oct 05, 2008 16:48

I tried the new eSchemes 1.48. Install seemed to go smoothly (this was a fresh install). After booting everything seemed normal - no missing window buttons: nice! Looking in the scheme palette the preview window showed the scheme nicely too.

I tried double clicking the eComStation scheme to bring up the editor - nothing happened. I double clicked again, and again then I finally noticed in the task bar (which is normally hidden) there was an 'eschemes editor' running. I clicked on that and an empty window outline appeared. Click on it again and now the window shows 2 tabs: 'Sounds' and 'Objects'. 'Sounds' is empty and 'Objects' is full of desktop objects. It seems like something is wrong with this.

I downloaded the 'eschemes-test' script from your website. When I ran it it showed one error: Test 3 - PROBLEM FOUND: Wrong estlrl11.dll (sub-test 2). I'm not sure what to do about this - could it be the source of this problem? I thought the install added a new estlrl11.dll.

I'm running eCS 2.0RC5 with ACPI 3.11. I also have XWP 1.08, Object Desktop 2.0, and WPSWizard 0.6.3 installed. Also using the 20080805 eCoRT.

Dave McKenna

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Eugene Gorbunoff
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Re: eSchemes 1.48

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Sun Oct 05, 2008 16:58

Thank you for report!!

yes, something wrong with the editor, and eschemes test script is not updated.

It's good that the installation was smooth!!!!!

David Graser
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Re: eSchemes 1.48

Postby David Graser » Tue Oct 28, 2008 19:45

Just found out that eSchemes 1.48 was released.

Installed over 1.47. Only one installation issue. It said it could not find the path to ecomstation.sch. I told it to IGNORE and the installation proceeded without a problem.

I can verify Dave's report about the eScheme editor.

I installed the latest eCo runtimes. Then went to my *.sch and removed the readonly attribute from the files. It appears that the problem of the default settings overwriting the installed new escheme has been fixed. This is after testing around 4 eschemes. I will continue to test further, put it appears that this problem no longer exist.

Well, I continued to test and the problem finally surfaced again. I guess I will have to add the readonly to all the sch files again.

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