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David McKenna
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eSchemes 1.39

Postby David McKenna » Tue Aug 28, 2007 19:58

I just tried eSchemes 1.39 on an eCS 2.0rc1 installation. I installed the 3 required runtime libraries as well. After rebooting, all folders and apps are missing the 3 buttons at the right of the title bar. In the scheme object they are missing also, along with the title bar itself. Colors in the scheme object do not match the color shown when 'edit' is chosen. Clicking on the eStyler object locks up the computer, requiring a hard reset. Uninstalling completely removes eStyler (along with the rest of eSchemes). I have tried un-installing, then re-installing twice, but results are the same.

Am I missing something?


Dave McKenna

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Eugene Gorbunoff
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Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Tue Aug 28, 2007 20:39

I have the same problem here.. Apply a scheme, reboot..

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Postby prokushev » Wed Aug 29, 2007 07:07

In this version of eSchemes eStyler runtime was extended and some calling convertions changed. Due this reason eStyler preference dialog doesn't work. Next eSchemes release will also contain eStyler preference dialog tfor compatibility reason.

According colors in edit window. If you noticed, editor now redesigned and not fully functional.

To restore window controls you need to apply any scheme once and all will be here. This is because eStyler engine doesn't know nothing about which bitmaps to draw until apply.

Thank you for your support.

David McKenna
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Postby David McKenna » Wed Aug 29, 2007 18:03

Eugene... Yuri,

OK, thanks... applying a scheme restores the titlebar buttons.

Dave McKenna

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Postby Gabriele » Sat Sep 01, 2007 17:44


I just installed version 1.39 and I must say that I've found a huge improvement: installation is flawless, applying a theme now works without reboot nor WPS restart and, last but not least, the Applying scheme window ( is impressive! It is a pity that eschemes.nls does not include the strings required to translate it!

Please keep on with your work: I hope eschemes can soon be included in default eCS installation!

All the best

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