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Write Combine fails

Posted: Wed May 20, 2009 01:40
by mikeforester
I have an Asus P5Q motherboard and ATI HD3650 video card on a 22" DVI monitor. Panorama's been working fine -- until Asus released a couple of new BIOS versions this year. Now Write Combine fails.

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log started at 19.5.2009 3:34:58
Profile setting for Shadow...ENABLED
VBE VRAM size (rounded up):16384KB
BIOS-supplied information
OemVendorNamePtr  = C0000111
OemProductNamePtr = C00000A3
VideoModePtr      = 88000044
OemVendorName     = (C) 1988-2005, ATI Technologies Inc.
OemProductName    = RV635
Mode 0x100: 640x400x8bpp
Mode 0x101: 640x480x8bpp
Mode 0x103: 800x600x8bpp
Mode 0x105: 1024x768x8bpp
Mode 0x107: 1280x1024x8bpp
Mode 0x111: 640x480x16bpp
Mode 0x114: 800x600x16bpp
Mode 0x117: 1024x768x16bpp
Mode 0x11A: 1280x1024x16bpp
Mode 0x10E: 320x200x16bpp
Mode 0x120: 320x200x32bpp
Mode 0x193: 320x240x8bpp
Mode 0x195: 320x240x16bpp
Mode 0x196: 320x240x32bpp
Mode 0x1B3: 512x384x8bpp
Mode 0x1B5: 512x384x16bpp
Mode 0x1B6: 512x384x32bpp
Mode 0x1C3: 640x350x8bpp
Mode 0x1C5: 640x350x16bpp
Mode 0x1C6: 640x350x32bpp
Mode 0x133: 720x400x8bpp
Mode 0x135: 720x400x16bpp
Mode 0x136: 720x400x32bpp
Mode 0x153: 1152x864x8bpp
Mode 0x155: 1152x864x16bpp
Mode 0x156: 1152x864x32bpp
Mode 0x163: 1280x1024x8bpp
Mode 0x165: 1280x1024x16bpp
Mode 0x166: 1280x1024x32bpp
Mode 0x121: 640x480x32bpp
Mode 0x122: 800x600x32bpp
Mode 0x123: 1024x768x32bpp
Mode 0x124: 1280x1024x32bpp
Mode 0x143: 1680x1050x8bpp
Mode 0x145: 1680x1050x16bpp
Mode 0x146: 1680x1050x32bpp
Mode 0x1D3: 1280x800x8bpp
Mode 0x1D5: 1280x800x16bpp
Mode 0x1D6: 1280x800x32bpp
Mode 0x1E3: 1440x900x8bpp
Mode 0x1E5: 1440x900x16bpp
Mode 0x1E6: 1440x900x32bpp
Attempt to allocate shadow buffer...SUCCESS!
APM set event successfull handle 0x80010071
Error to enable Write Combine caching!

I have gone back to the older BIOS, so it's not urgent, but the newest one does work better in some respects. Is there any way to diagnose or fix this problem, or do I just have to stop upgrading the BIOS?

Re: Write Combine fails

Posted: Mon May 25, 2009 14:53
by Eugene Gorbunoff

yes.. BIOS influcences on Video card..

Re: Write Combine fails

Posted: Sun May 31, 2009 13:37
by mikeforester
Thanks, but that doesn't exactly answer my question. BIOS updates are necessary to support some motherboard utilities, and might be required for, e.g., Windows 7. I'm already looking at replacing assorted old hardware that works in OS/2 but that Win7 won't support.