Seems to work OK, but...

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Alan Beagley
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Seems to work OK, but...

Postby Alan Beagley » Sat May 12, 2007 14:25

At last I got around to trying out the Panorama driver (20070510) on my dual-core AMD system with ATI X300 PCI-Express video card and 19" flat panel (which all worked fine with SNAP 3.1.8 ).

First, I had to upgrade the ACPI driver from 2.18 to 2.20, as instructed. (I did not try 2.21, because I had already been unable to get my machine to complete booting with that driver.)

After changing to ACPI 2.20, the machine trapped on the NVCHOOK driver, which had not happened with 2.18. Since my NVC subscription has expired (so I do not have the latest virus definitions) and support for the product is going away soon anyway, I simply REMmed out the NVC-related lines in CONFIG.SYS, and the machine then booted to the desktop.

Everything looks fine in 1280x1024x16777216 mode, but I haven't tried any performance tests.

The GRADD.LOG file contains:

20070512T005003 VMAN:ProcessGraddList(): Module VBE2GRAD loaded successfully

but the VBE2GRAD.LOG file contains error messages:

log started at 12.5.2007 0:50:3
VBE VRAM size (rounded up):16384KB
BIOS-supplied information
OemVendorNamePtr = 8800010A
OemProductNamePtr = 88000120
VideoModePtr = 88000022
OemVendorName = ATI Technologies Inc.
OemProductName = V380
ERROR! BIOS call 0x4F01 for mode 0x109 returns error!
ERROR! BIOS call 0x4F01 for mode 0x10A returns error!
ERROR! BIOS call 0x4F01 for mode 0x130 returns error!

Should I worry about these messages, or do they simply mean that my card or monitor do not support the corresponding modes?

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Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Sat May 12, 2007 16:38

OK, ignore this error.

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