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Logs Collector: possibly misleading information

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 18:39
by Alan Beagley
I just updated to ACPI 3.09 and ran collectlogs.cmd, then out of curiosity unzipped the resulting .ziq file and looked at the individual files.

The information I see in acpiwzrd.log is completely out of date and may be totally misleading, not only on my machine but on others' machines too. Since originally installing eCS 2.0 RC1, I have changed the motherboard, CPU, SCSI adapter and video card without reinstalling from scratch: I made any necessary driver and other changes manually. ACPIWZRD.LOG does not know anything about these changes.

And I did not notice in the .log files anything about the kernel version. Isn't that important information? Or did I miss it?