More D975XBX2 ACPI trials

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More D975XBX2 ACPI trials

Postby TrevorHemsley » Thu Nov 01, 2007 05:23


I have one Intel D975XBX2 working with ACPI 3.03 in /APIC mode OK. Now I have a second one that I'm tryiing to get to work but the hardware set up is slightly different. This one has a Pentium E2160 1.8GHZ dual core chip, 2GB RAM, an Intel PRO/1000 PL LAN chip, an Adaptec 2906 SCSI controller and an LSiMEgaRAID Express 500 using mraid.add 2e.03.

This one works in /PIC mode with acpi.psd 2.21 and 2.22, fails in 3.03 (but works with the beta 3.04 I was sent for a similar problem ith 3.03). However it doesn't work in /APIC mode with 3.03 or 3.04 (or the 2.x series either).

I have booted with the beta 3.04 and that spits out a bunch of debug messages before it dies (it just hangs after the GenMac message which is normally the last thing before SNAP loads). The messages are:

Dummy 7 IDT FFDBF370 Vector 57
High FFEA Low 91B8
Dummy 2C IDT FFDBF370 Vector F3
High FFEA Low 9AF8
Dummy 2F IDT FFDBF370 Vector F2
High FFEA Low 9BB8
Dummy 2E IDT FFDBF370 Vector 2E
High 0 Low 0

And that's all she wrote...

PSD=acpi.psd /SMP /R /APIC /NOD /CD

also tried with /ALS but no different.

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