Anyone have trouble with VDMs and high IRQs?

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Anyone have trouble with VDMs and high IRQs?

Postby mikeforester » Thu Oct 11, 2007 07:28

Ever since ACPI 3.xx came out and enabled high IRQs on nVidia, I haven't been able to start VDM sessions. Has anyone else had this problem?

For background, see

Pasha's last best guess is that some DOS driver or DOS setting can't work with high IRQs. I agree, but I'm still at a loss.

Here are the ACPI IRQs, fwiw:

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0:1.1  10DE:52  'SMB0'  IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LSMB':10 APIC:'APCS':20 Apic Set: 20
0:2.0  10DE:5A  'USB0'  IRQs: PCI:11 PIC:'LUBA':11 APIC:'APCF':21 Apic Set: 21
0:2.1  10DE:5B  'USB2'  IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LUB2':10 APIC:'APCL':22 Apic Set: 22
0:6.0  10DE:53  'IDE0'
0:7.0  10DE:54  'SAT1'  IRQs: PCI:11 PIC:'LSID':11 APIC:'APSI':23 Apic Set: 23
0:8.0  10DE:55  'SAT2'  IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LFID':10 APIC:'APSJ':20 Apic Set: 20
0:10.0  10DE:57  'MMAC'  IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LMAC':10 APIC:'APCH':21 Apic Set: 21 /* network card */
1:6.0  1106:3044          IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LNK3':10 APIC:'APC3':18 Apic Set: 18 /* firewire - not used */
1:8.0  1102:2          IRQs: PCI:11 PIC:'LNK4':11 APIC:'APC4':19 Apic Set: 5 /* soundblaster - remapped */
1:10.0  1000:C          IRQs: PCI:11 PIC:'LNK2':11 APIC:'APC2':17 Apic Set: 12 /* scsi - remapped */
5:0.0  1002:554F          IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LNK3':10 APIC:'APC3':18 Apic Set: 18  MSI /* video */

Could it be the SATA drives? Any guesses appreciated.

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