ACPI 3.03 and SMP kernel

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Paavo Nurminen
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ACPI 3.03 and SMP kernel

Postby Paavo Nurminen » Wed Oct 03, 2007 13:12

I installed Acpi 3.03 to Intel P4 system, eCS 2.0 RC2, SMP kernel. It seems to mess all so that I expect that I have to reinstall the operating system.

1. Trap screen. Uniaud driver 1.14 RC3 seemed to be problem maker.
2. Remmed out uniaud drivers from config.sys. Did not boot.
2. Remmed out acpi related lines in config.sys. Did not boot.
3. Changed to uni-kernel. Did not boot.

Acpi 3.03 works with eCS 1.2GA and uni-kernel.

Paavo Nurminen

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Eugene Gorbunoff
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Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Wed Oct 03, 2007 14:08

move to:

don't forget chkdsk x: /f

Paavo Nurminen
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Postby Paavo Nurminen » Wed Oct 03, 2007 15:57

I reinstalled eCS 2.0 RC2. Acpi 3.01 was installed. Uni-kernel was used in this phase. Then installed Acpi 3.03 using acpifu.wpi. No boot problems. Changed to SMP kernel using AcpiWizard. No boot problems. Noticed that version of irqstat.exe had changed.
It is hard to say what was wrong with the first installation. APIC mode still does not work.

Paavo Nurminen

Paavo Nurminen
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Postby Paavo Nurminen » Thu Oct 04, 2007 11:41

I have now done further tests with the system. Added /SMP switch to acpi.psd driver and remmed out all mmos2 related lines in config.sys. Following trap screen resulted in late phase of booting (after jfs chkdsk and network related stuff):

Exception in module: OS2KRNL

TRAP 000e ERRCD = 0000 ERACC = **** ERLIM = ******** CPU=01
EAX = fc4c7770 EBX = ffe8b600 ECX = 00e89eb6 EDX = fff0a89d
ESI = f9800034 EDI = f970f6b0 EBP = 00004e28 FLG = 00010287
CS:EIP = 0168:fff37212 CSACC = c09b CSLIM = ffffffff
SS:ESP = 1530:00004e04 SSACC = 1097 SSLIM = 00003fff
DS = 0160 DSACC = c0f3 DSLIM = ffffffff CR0=8001001b
ES = 0160 ESACC = c0f3 ESLIM = ffffffff CR2=fc4c7770
FS = 0000 FSACC = **** FSLIM = ********
GS = 0000 GSACC = **** GSLIM = ********

The system detected an internal processing error at location
##0168:fff0f667 - 000f:e667.

60000, 9084

Internal revision 14.103a_SMP

The system is stopped. Record all of the above information and contact
your service representative.

It seems that SMP switch is causing the trap. Version 3.02 did not do this. Some values in trap screen change if different lines are remmed out in config.sys.

Paavo Nurminen

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