ACPI 3.00 -- hang at bootl ogo

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Alan Beagley
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ACPI 3.00 -- hang at bootl ogo

Postby Alan Beagley » Thu Aug 09, 2007 15:40

My Dual-core AMD system (Asus A8N-E motherboard -- nVidia chipset) works fine with ACPI 2.22 and eCS 2.0RC1. Video card is ATI X1050 (PCI-Express). Hard disks are SCSI attached to Adaptec AHA-29160. IRQs 3,5 and 7 are Reserved in the mobo BIOS.


I updated the Dani driver (needed by ATAPI DVD burner) and installed ACPI 3.00 using the .WPI file. I also replaced the older APM.ADD driver by the latest one.

Now the machine either hangs at the boot logo or traps in module ACPI.

Was I supposed to use the experimental kernel instead of 104a?

And what about the new /ALS switch?

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Eugene Gorbunoff
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Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Thu Aug 09, 2007 17:22

OK, please create the ticket here:

* "Danis506 v1.8.0 seems to
have a showstopper-bug with SiliconImage SATA controllers.", maybe this is a problem..
* try /ALS

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