I need new application -- Network browser

Which new applications for eComStation do you need? Какие новые программы для eComStation вам нужны ?
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I need new application -- Network browser

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Mon Apr 27, 2009 18:25

From: eCo Software
Date: 2009/04/27

Users need better Network browser.

source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/os2user/m ... MzMDM0Nw--


The Samba Server WPI Package comes with utilities for that purpose.

- smbmon.exe (frontend for nmblookup.exe, smbtree.exe) has these capabilities.
- findsmb.cmd for the command line (running findsmb -X will even find XP machines, that don't respond to broadcasting).

Derek W. Keoughan:

Jim Byrnes wrote:
> Derek W. Keoughan wrote:
>> Jim Byrnes wrote:
>>> Is there available for eCS a utility that can identify all the machines
>>> on a peer network? Something like "My Network Places" on XP.
>> Open any OS/2 command prompt and type
>> :)
>> -Derek
> I just tried it and it didn't work as I expected.
> When I ran it, it detected a machine that had been on, but was now
> turned off before I ran net view. I booted up my new netbook and ran net
> view again and it did not detect it.

The SMB info is "cached", and at times is incorrect because of this. In
any network, one machine is "elected" as the "master browser", and all
others defer to its list of who's currently "out there".

I run 8 PC's here in the house, and a NET VIEW with my eCS box showed
only three... the eCS box, and two of the Linux servers. A Linux box is
the master browser in the group.

> I then shut down the eCS machine and rebooted. This time it did not
> detect the machine that was no longer running, but it still did not
> detect the netbook. The netbook was connected via wireless and is
> running linux, if that makes any difference.

Two issues there - the wireless may not be visible from the wired side -
several routers I've seen will isolate the wireless into its own group,
or even from each other (useful for "hot spots" where you probably don't
want the wireless devices talking directly to each other).

The other is that unless the Linux box is running SAMBA (smbd), it won't
appear on that list.

There may be other reasons, of course.

> XP detected the netbook and if I used "Sharing and Connecting" I could
> see the netbook's files, but net view still did not detect it.

By default, XP doesn't support SMB directly... it's not a perfect tool,
but if you already know all the names on your network, you can still use
it... I have machines named LIQUID and PATCHES here, and from the eCS
box, FINNEGAN, I can issue




and see all the shares

With knowing an XP box is called MYSTIQUE, I can run


and see them all too, though it doesn't show up in the list when I send
just a NET VIEW

Sometimes, you have to refer to the machine by its IP address instead,
because the networking is malfunctioning somehow...


works in the same was as the NetBIOS/SAMBA machine name.

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