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I need new application -- BASIC Compiler

Posted: Thu Dec 25, 2008 17:07
by Фенягz
From: Fenyagz
Date: 2008/12/25

I need a compiler programming language BASIC for eCS. :roll:


Мне нужен компилятор языка программирования BASIC для eCS. :roll:

Re: I need new application -- BASIC Compiler

Posted: Thu Dec 25, 2008 22:50
by Eugene Gorbunoff
Нафиг бейсик, начинай учить REXX!

Re: I need new application -- BASIC Compiler

Posted: Fri Dec 26, 2008 18:18
by Фенягz
Зачем REXX?! Собственно, компилер BASIC для полуоси/еКомСтейшн мне нужен для портирования одной моей мелкой проги (текстового редактора с системой шифрования текста) (название не скажу, т.к. это будет рекламой) с Windows на eCS/os/2. Моя прога написана на Visual Basic 6 (для Win32), а переписывать её с нуля, да ещё на REXX которого я не знаю будет для меня большим гемороем. ИМХО, портировать проги с ОС на ОС надо на том-же самом или похожем языке программирования, но для соответствующей ОС. :wink:

Re: I need new application -- BASIC Compiler

Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 15:33
by warpcafe

google translation helped me to understand what you are talking about.
Well I recently re-visited VisualAge for Basic for OS/2. It is not perfectly stable and no longer maintained.
Its features are almost equal to VB 3.

This is nothing one could consider a suitable programming language or environment for todays programming tasks.
However, it still has a lot of stuff which is not available in rexx. Especially "nice" printing functions.

On the other hand, if someone wants to have plattform independent development, even REXX starts to become problematic, especially when doing GUI programming with it. Perhaps one day "dynamic windows" (netlabs) will provide us a DLL for REXX that is stable and mature... it only would need a graphical development environment to simplify drawing GUIs.
Then on the other hand again, I would prefer to have the QT GUI controls available for rexx on OS/2... but they are working on QT4 porting, not focusing on making QT available to rexx at all.

I guess if you really want platform independent development, you have to go Java.
Then again, see how old the OS/2 Java is. :(