WPObjectEx : wrong name for a class?

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WPObjectEx : wrong name for a class?

Postby Gabriele » Mon Sep 24, 2007 13:18

Hi all,

I have a doubt: is WPObjectEx (or WPFolderEx or the others) a valid name for a WPS class? The WPS programming Guide says that WP* is system reserved and new classes names should start with something other (the initials of the author name, company name or whatever) than WP, like XWP*, CW*, AMouse etc do.

WPObjectEx is not breaking anything, of course, as it is just a convention, but having different initials for additional classes helps a lot when you browse in WPS class list trying to identify a problem, like I'm doing now :-)

Gabriele, waiting for next Pianopad release :-)

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