Firefox 3.x troubles

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Firefox 3.x troubles

Postby Eugene Gorbunoff » Mon Oct 11, 2010 22:28


Is it normal that after 6.. 12 hours of work with Firefox 3 (version 3.5.3, ..)
you can't start OS/2 applications anymore?

I experience this problems since the summer..

OS: eCS 2.0 RC6a, eCS 2.0 GA

User 2:

I do not see this behaviour, usually run the browser during the entire working day, i.e. 9 hours in a row, with *a lot of tabs* (10+ regularly) open. I do have 3 GB of memory, maybe that matters. For stability reasons I do not use the flash plugin.

What I do notice is that sometimes *closing* the browser can lockup the system, I suspect some garbage collection problem...


B) My eComStation PC:
* I have 2 Gb
* shared memory - when the system becomes unusable there are hundreds of free Mb of shared memory.

C) Yes, it's dangerous exit from Firefox *if* I was using Innotek Java VM.

D) How to repeat my problem?
* Yes, I have 10 tabs open always.
* Google -> images -> searching screenshots, icons, ..
* visiting modern heavy sites. What is modern?
** ..

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