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by PAL
Tue Jan 13, 2009 04:18
Forum: Panorama videodriver
Topic: atombios 2560x1600 & Xenon CPU
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atombios 2560x1600 & Xenon CPU

I'm trying to run a Dell 30" monitor using eCSRC6a, but can't activate the wide screen activation. Using version 0.80 of the Atombios.sys I get the following message at bootup using the line BASEDEV=atombios.sys Unsupported CPU or hostbridge -- genuineIntel 27788086. The CPU is an Intel quad co...
by PAL
Tue Jun 24, 2008 00:44
Forum: I need new application / Хачу новую программу
Topic: PMFax
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We need a replacement for PMFax. You can't buy a new version and the existing version needs a refresh. Is there anything which can be used instead of PMFax. I'm now looking at Windowsfax programs because I can't buyPMFax and as some of our sites only have a server it means replacingOS/2 or eCS with ...

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